Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin

Special opening hours Berlin Art Week: 15—17 SEP, 1—11pm

Christin Bolte

Acud macht Neu

ACUD MACHT NEU is a collective, its core team made up of Julie Gayard, Johannes Braun, Mieke Bohl, Lukas Dubro, Shub Roy and Elodie Evers. It was founded at the beginning of 2014 to run three spaces in the ACUD Art House: the Club, the Studio and the Gallery. Along with the teams behind the theatre and the cinema, ACUD MACHT NEU aims to preserve the building as one of the few remaining non-commercial sites for art and culture in Berlin-Mitte. They are not only concerned with regaining and maintaining free creative spaces as one of the most valuable urban resources: they also want to continue to develop the idea of the art center in a contemporary direction. Together with artists, musicians, researchers, urbanists, curators and local residents, they initiate explorative, trans-disciplinary formats within a wide spectrum between art, music, performance and discourse.