10997 Berlin

daily 11am—3pm, 4pm—9pm
14 OCT, 11–4pm

U Görlitzer Bahnhof
Bus 140 Mariannenplatz

Mobile Dome at Mariannenplatz
Free admission

The New Infinity. Neue Kunst für Planetarien ©Berliner Festspiele, Makusu Matsutake[Translate to English:] „The New Infinity“: Modell der mobilen Kuppel auf dem Mariannenplatz © Berliner Festspiele/Immersion, Kuppelmodell: Doris Dziersk, Foto: Mathias Völzke

Berliner Festspiele/Immersion

Go in instead of look at – Allan Kaprow’s idea has been the leitmotif of our Immersion programme conceived over several years. Since 2016 we have presented works in this series that often occupy territory on the borders between exhibition and performance. At the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Gropius Bau and in other venues we present pioneering artistic positions and investigate and interrogate formats, narrative forms and everyday practices that recalibrate our relationship between activity and passivity.