Schwedenstraße 16
13357 Berlin

Fri—Sun 3—7pm and by appointment

U-Bahn U8, U9, Osloer Straße
Tram 50, M13, Osloer Straße
Bus 125, 128, 150, 255, N8, N9, N52, Osloer Straße

Free admission

[Translate to English:] FOTO I: Ausstellung von Roland Geissel, Foto: Roland Geissel © Roland Geissel [Translate to English:] FOTO II: Arbeiten von Anaïs Heraud-Louisadat, Foto: Ute Lindner © Ute Lindner


COPYRIGHTberlin understands itself as  non-commercial platform with the goal of initiating an interdisciplinary exchange with exhibitions, events, and publications and providing experimental space for artistic positions. A focus is particularly placed on allowing artistic processes to engage in a dialogue with theoretical questions of an aesthetic, sociological, or philosophical nature. Since 1999, eight non-profit projects have been realized with publications on specific issues: the last three on the subject of places/non-places, presence/absence, and ethics/aesthetics: currently in preparation is the ninth project on the subject of space and identity: im-raum-stehen, “standing in space,” which places territorial, virtual, and physical space in relation to one another.

The continuous link connecting the various individual projects is the publication series:

COPYRIGHTmagazin (ISSN 1439-7730).

Since 2004, COPYRIGHTberlin has been operating an exhibition space in Wedding that not only serves as an event location and laboratory for projects but also enables the presentation of interesting solo positions and collaborations. As a project space, COPYRIGHTberlin offers artists possibilities to test and expand their work in an experimental context in order to explore new points of view.

COPYRIGHT was founded in 1999 as an interdisciplinary platform for artistic positions and strategies by the Berlin artists Patrick Huber and Ute Lindner. COPYRIGHT is part of the Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und –initiativen and Kolonie Wedding.