Mansteinstraße 16
10783 Berlin

Wed, Sat, Sun 2—6pm and by appointment
Special opening hours of the award winners: from 1—4pm or even longer

S-Bahn S1, Yorckstr.
U-Bahn U7, Yorckstr.
Bus M19, N7, Mansteinstr.

Free admission

Exhibition view, Deep Acting with Emelie Carlén and Lou Mouw, photo by Chroma, 2018Outside view, The Good Fight is on the Gaming Floor, with Veneta androva, Foto Chroma, 2018


Display was founded in 2015 as a junction point between artistic and curatorial practices; understood as a transitory space, where creation, presentation, representation and questioning contemporary practices could be done simultaneously. Display embodies a (meta)physical and discursive transmission.  Connection line between inside & outside, seen & unseen, the vitrine is a display. By extension, the exhibition room is a display. Artists are invited to invest the showcase/space and collaborate with the team for a site-specific installation with a focus on transformations and processes. We aim here to give attention to experimenting curation, exhibition design and devices. We are engaged in questioning image systems, investigating the positions, movements and relationships of the different actors and bodies in the space. Display is a space for experimental artistic and curatorial practices. It is run by Marie DuPasquier and was founded together with Paul Polaris.