Wolfshagener Straße 77
13187 Berlin


14, 15 SEP, 1—5pm, 16 SEP, 1—8pm, 17 SEP, 1—4pm

U2, S2, S8 oder S9 U-Bhf Pankow und M1, Tram 50 Pankow Kirche


Espace Surplus

Espace Surplus - literally "wasted space" - has been founded by Bettina Springer in 2006 in her former apartment in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. The name is ironic as the reality those days was just the opposite - the apartment was used as exhibition space and at the same time as a living space - in fact nothing was wasted. Nonetheless Espace Surplus can be understood as the relativity of space together with an appeal to create and conquer space everywhere and at any time.  The very focus of Espace Suplus' work is site specific art, not only related to physical spaces. In times where the former consumption critical attitude of site specific art is eroding more and more, it is of utter importantance to focus on the artwork in its context. Just because the ever excellerating development of the art market and the praxis of the museums suggest a different reality, it is important to stop for a while and observe the artwork within its very own space, the space it was created in and for. The connection of the artwork not only to a physical site but also to one of social critique, a conceptual, discursive one, allows the references of the artwork to stand as an alternative draft in opposition to the autonomous artwork.