Kreuzbergstraße 42E
10965 Berlin

Specia opening hours during Berlin Art Week: 28—30 SEP, 1—4pm

Bus 140 Monumentenstr. or Katzbachstr./Kreuzbergstr.

Free admission

Inside the Archive of Oswaldo Lares, installation view at Kinderhook & Caracas, 2015. Photo by Trevor GoodBeneath The Salt, an exhibition and television show created by Joe Clark, Claudia Comte, Lauryn Youden, curated by Conglomerate, installation view at Kinderhook & Caracas, 2017. Photo by Trevor Good

Kinderhook & Caracas

Kinderhook & Caracas was founded in 2011 by Sol Calero and Christopher Kline and named after their respective hometowns of Caracas, Venezuela and Kinderhook, New York.  The programing focuses on the in-depth development of new projects with an emphasis on solo exhibitions, as well as on fresh models for collaboration.  On-site exhibitions centered on artistic practice are alternated with archival projects and off-site performances and screenings in an aim to provide footing to a wide variety of approaches.  Over the last several years Kinderhook & Caracas has presented a television network (CONGLOMERATE), a Venezuelan folk music archive (ArchivO Lares), a floating story-telling project (A Soft Tragedy), a community choir (The Gray Voice Ensemble) and immersive exhibitions by more than two dozen Berlin-based artists.