Sonnenallee 99
12045 Berlin

13—17 SEP, 10—17 Uhr 

U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Bus M41 Erkstarsse, M29 PannierStrasse, 106 Erkstrasse


La Plaque Tournante

In April 2013 Composer Frederic Acquaviva and singer Lore Lixenberg founded La Plaque Tournante as a multi-media,multi-disciplinary,non-commercial artist space. La Plaque Tournante is located in an ex doctors surgery (on Sonnenallee, in the centre of bustling multi-cultural Rathaus Neukolln) and has sought to use this unique location to highlight the connection between art ,experiment and medicine,perhaps hinting that to cross over the threshold of La Plaque Tournante is to be cured (or curated) by the experimental arts and is to have your mind expanded and repaired from the banality of everyday life. This was reflected in the decision to keep aspects of the doctors surgery exactly as we found it when we founded the space and to work the exhibitions and events in response to the space. So upon entering La Plaque Tournante you will have examination couches to sit or recline on,taboule rasa is served on medical trolleys and there are even remnants of the X-Ray room still intact. Indeed the X-ray paper found in the basement of the building when we moved there, is used to print CRU magazine.

There have been regular exhibitions, partly based on the Acquaviva Archive (15000 documents accrued over 20 years, avant-garde records, tapes, books, ephemera, manuscripts, drawings, paintings, sculptures, films, photographs, multiples, objects...) and related and unrelated events (concerts, performances, happenings, talks, films ...). The openings, that we have called ’Taboule Rasa Soirees’ are free entry, run on a create or donate basis and then visitors can come to the exhibition for a tour by appointment. We aimed at these events to create an informal and welcoming atmosphere of enquiry and experimentation for both performers/artists and observers where the boundary between art and life is truly blurred where the activities are both dynamic and contemplative, in the way that we founders of La Plaque Tournante live our lives.

We are also on a mission to link the historic avant garde to a true avant garde of the present and to make this knowledge available to everyone. When a visitor comes to a La Plaque Tournante exhibition they will have in front of them a closeness to the work that you will not find in a conventional art gallery. There will often be no glass between the viewer and the artworks many of which are major pieces of work of the 20th/21st centuries. So the viewer will get a visceral experience with the artwork and see it as the artist intended before the artworks become part of art history and are preserved for future generations behind the glossy vitrines of establishment galleries and institutions. Also experiencing the art,music,film and lecture programmes in this way it was intended that the viewer should have an experience that keeps proceeding in the spirit of the avant garde. Also through our careful planning of events, musical performances, lectures, film evenings and other happenings we seek to further link and disseminate the works.

Anyone can at anytime during the exhibition make an appointment to see the works and have a tour of the exhibition.

Other concerts and events (contemporary music with Loré Lixenberg, etc...) were also been programmed, with or without any particular relation with the ongoing exhibitions that are focused on «art and writings » (lettrism...), « extended body » (body art, bio art, actionnismus...) and « books and sound » (sound poetry, experimental music...).

La Plaque Tournante also hosts Editions AcquAvivA and ß@£. An entire series of artist books have been published under this name again from relatively unknown artists such as the New York Situationist ‘Bill not Bored’ and feminist Plastic ArtBru artist Maria Faustino, to great luminaries such as Pauline Oliveros, Isou and Phill Niblick. An artist magazine, « CRU » has been published CRU1 for 2013/14 and CRU2 for 2015/16 and is in fact the yearly

magazine that reflects on things that happened (or that could have happened) at La Plaque Tournante.