Prinzenallee 29
13359 Berlin

Special opening hours Berlin Art Week: 15—17 SEP, 1—7pm

U8 Pankstraße M27 Prinzenallee/Osloer Straße

© Otto Karl Kamal

Organ Kritischer Kunst

OKK/Raum29 is an atelier, experimental- and exhibition space, a mediating platform for dialogue which offers a place for a diverse range of art works in the frame of an —expanded art termfi (Beuys). OKK is an artist-run platform for cultural activism based in Berlin, Germany.

Rather than supporting single artistic careers, the initiative aims at providing a basic structure for artists and locals to join an open network of topic-specific activities. OKK has been home to various participative, collaborative and socially engaged projects - in its neighbourhood in Berlin, Wedding, as well as in other parts of Germany and abroad.

Regularly, we invite artists and cultural workers from different genres to present their works in exhibitions and artistic events. The interdisciplinarity of the projects is important to us. The OKK / room 29 has been used in different ways by international artists sinse summer 2007. Artists from various disciplines convert the space according to their own aesthetics. Since its founding, over 100 exhibitions and cultural events took place in OKK.