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Foto: Ludgar PaffrathFoto: Ludgar PaffrathFoto: Ludgar PaffrathFoto: Ludgar Paffrath

haubrok foundation

The Fahrbereitschaft was the former fleet of vehicles for the Central Committee of the East German Socialist Unity Party, with an automobile workshop, a car wash, and everything else required to maintain a fleet of vehicles. And of course many, many garages. The complex remains almost entirely unchanged today; it still breathes the air of the GDR. An old bar still in good condition, an authentic “culture room,” and a fully functional bowling court contribute to this feeling. 

Furthermore, the Fahrbereitschaft today is also a fully operating commercial park:  cars are still painted and repaired, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund’s ambulances leave from here. Carpenters and roofers have their workshops here. Exhibition and professional uniforms are designed on site, and  ecological bottles are developed.

In addition, more than 20 artists now have their studios on the historical grounds, and Sammlung Haubrok is also housed at Fahrbereitschaft. While the emphasis of the collection 30 years ago was placed on painting, over the years the focus has increasingly moved to conceptual art. 

Twice a year, Sammlung Haubrok holds thematically-based group or solo shows at the Fahrbereitschaft. The non-profit Haubrok Foundation serves exclusively to promote contemporary art.