Lehrterstraße 57
10557 Berlin


16, 17 SEP, 2 — 6pm
with registration only: email@ivo-wessel.de

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Sammlung Ivo Wessel

Ivo Wessel (born 1965 in Paderborn) studied computer science and psychology in Braunschweig and moved in 2000 to Berlin because of its young and vivid art scene. He is a software developer and creates iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps, especially for artists and art institutions. Since one year he runs his start-up IN BEST HANDS, an online community for treasure hunters and owners of treasure and lovers of beautiful things. Since his school days he collects contemporary art and literature and always tries to reconcile his three obsessions art, books and computers. Eight years ago he founded, together with gallerist Olaf Stüber, “Videoart at Midnight”, a project that shows video art on a large screen at cinema Babylon, once a month on a Friday, always at midnight. His collection includes concrete painting, conceptual, media and video art. With the latter he always tries to optimize the handling by means of appropriate equipment and self-developed software.