Zossener Strasse 34
10961 Berlin


Opening hours during Berlin Art Week:
Happening 30 SEP, 3—6pm

U-Bahn U7, Gneisenaustraße
Bus 140, 248, N7, Gneisenaustraße

Free admission

sign, CIAT

To initiate / to start, to engage oneself into the world, to act (1):

sign, CIAT is realised site, is heterotopia.
sign, CIAT constitutes the format of the performative.
sign, CIAT is sharing through interexchange and speaking –   a network for the polis.
sign, CIAT is Initium.

The name of the site: sign is sign, the name of the place without a specific articulation. Leaving the verbalisation of the place up to the speaker means already immanent heterogeneity, plurality = to initiate possibilities of “views” and dialogues.

(1)    We want to point to Hannah Arendt's book "Vita Activa", as our reference to the process of engaging oneself into the world, which existed before us and into which we were born as a result in order to become responsible for it and to begin/initiate something new. Such acts are neither forced, as actions of labor are, nor can they be generated by promise for profit or through pressure to perform.