Hornstraße 23
10963 Berlin


30 SEP 2018, 2pm—6pm

Free admission



[Translate to English:] Ayala Gazit, May 2017[Translate to English:] Ayala Gazit, May 2017


Sonntag is a social sculpture that regularly takes place in Berlin.Created by the artists April Gertler and Adrian Schiesser in September 2012, the art event takes place every third Sunday of the month, in changing, private Berlin apartments.Sonntag is a platform for international, Berlin-based artists to further develop their artistic activities. A place to present contemporary art to a broader public, linked to the German tradition of having coffee and cake together on a Sunday afternoon.Sonntag invites an artist to show their work in a private apartment. In addition to the presented artwork, the artist's favorite cake is baked, served with coffee and tea, to the guests. Through this social experience, an exchange takes place that establishes a connection between the artist and the viewer.