Schlegelstraße 6
10115 Berlin

28—30 SEP, 13—19 Uhr

c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin
U-Bahn U6, Naturkundemuseum
Bus 12, M1, N6, Naturkundemuseum

Free admission

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stay hungry

The project space "stay hungry" was founded in 2014 by the artists Michel Aniol and Meike Kuhnert to provide artists and people working in other cultural spheres from Germany and around the world with a non-hierarchical, self-determined and financially independent platform of exchange and experimentation, helping to support alternative forms of production and presentation.

An organic project that only grew with the participation of all involved to become a space of experience of various actors and backgrounds, "stay hungry" bases its work on a multi-perspectival view for the events of our time and dialogical communication with the means of cultural production: these serve as points of departure with which the attempt is made to evoke new viewpoints on questions relevant to culture and society for a widely diverse audience.

In 2016, the interventionist food series Mobile Menu was launched: in this series, a meal marking the end of the exhibition creates a thematic link to the exhibition in question. Since 2017, "stay hungry" has been operating in various locations as a space without a fixed location.