Mohrenstraße 61
10117 Berlin

27—29 SEP, 3—6pm
Or by appointment: contact@wurlitzercollection

U-Bahn U2, Stadtmitte or Mohrenstrasse

(No animals
Visitors agree to eventually being photographed and published on our website.)

Free admission

Artworks by Simon Schubert and Stephanie Stein (past show)

Wurlitzer Pied à Terre Collection

Located in a building steeped in history from the 1930’s, the WURLITZER PTC showroom presently shows the exhibition AUFBRUCH — MASTER STUDENTS OF GREGOR HILDEBRANDT, giving young artists a platform, as a physical extension of the artist platform, also run by the collectors.

Special exhibition at the Showroom of the collection:

Master students of Gregor Hildebrandt

Get up, alright, but then please set off quickly. Where to? If time is the enemy, the timing must be right. A herd of Segway Minotaurs sets out for the capital in the morning, tourists chew on their selfie sticks. Hardcore individualists get burnout from dancing their own name. It was a bad summer for solarium owners. But even if the foot is broken, the artist still fetches fags. Then let’s see or play blindfold chess!

Set off, to which has upset you, directly from the sidewalk to the ferrata as an outbreak of your self-inflicted nonage. The voyage leads down the spiral through the vicious cycle straight to the center of the endless loop, where the hermit celebrates with the ascetic and silence becomes the greatest revelation.