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Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin

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ZONA DYNAMIC is exploring the con-struct-ion of the community. Through conceptual frameworks of experimental collaborative work, we study time-relevant topics of the society, social structures, virtual networks and political dynamics within Europe and internationally. We intervene in the public space in order to create random encounters and dialogues with the audience. Connecting with young local and international artists, we carry out operations through formed collaborations, which act as a tool to inspire generative processes, and thus produce conceptual and context-reflective works of art.

Each art intervention is devoted thematically to current questions and is designed to integrate the different perspectives and visions arising within the group. The applied collaborating formats and rules differ per project and series, and find themselves in constant development. Schemes vary in group size and duration; two artists can elaborate an intervention over 3 months, so can twenty participants develop a project throughout a week. Elevating the process, we welcome free experimentation. Sciences such as IT, biology, sound recording, physics are accepted as legitimate art forms.

With a flexible structure, ZONA DYNAMIC behaves as an adaptable shape around every temporary working group. Each cluster revolving around a specific project generates a particular new identity of the art initiative, thus contributing to an overall character our ever-growing artist community. This fosters a publicly open platform for experiments, dialogues and questioning convictions, which prompts a basis for dynamic artistic actions and discussions with the audience.

A non-commercial approach is mirrored in the chosen focus on non-material art media, such as performance, video art, sound and installation. These forms are preferen in single projects, as well as in series produced over longer periods of time. Creating a flexible net, we concentrate on temporary spaces. Taking a critical stance on the established norms, combined with an openness to sensory experiences, we dynamically initiate and intervene in temporary quarters in an effort to transform existing structures and belief systems. Drawing on imaginary, virtual and physical ideas of space in order to question mental and physical boundaries, we perform inside, outside and in the virtual. 

The initiative ZONA DYNAMIC asserts the vision of the collective, still preserving the freedom and empowering the individual by recognizing one’s position, while simultaneously integrating “the other”. We are an experiment that juxtaposes the capitalist value system with the potentiality of the group; we believe in the process and less in the finite art product. As in Aldous Huxley's utopia "Island", we project an "illustration of what could be created in a community if it were based on the premise of ‘goodness politics’ instead of ‘power politics’ ”.