Petersburger Straße 73
10249 Berlin

Special opening hours Berlin Art Week:
28—30 SEP, 1pm—4pm
and by appointment

Tram 21, M10, Bersarinplatz
Bus 21, M10, Bersarinplatz

Free admission

Photo: Marc Geneix ©Michel Bonvin 2011Photo: Franziska Baumgartner ©MinaMonsef 2018

zwanzigquadratmeter (zqm)

Since 2007, the art space zwanzigquadratmeter (zqm) has been offering up-and-coming artists an artist’s residence in Berlin and the opportunity to use their space as a creative platform for experimentation, creating exhibitions and on-site projects. Invited artists are challenged to engage intensively and extensively with the space. Spatially based propositions are characteristic for the curatorial program of the project space.

zqm, founded by the Swiss artist and curator Eric Emery, has already hosted over 70 exhibitions, including collaborations with Berlin’s Universität der Künste and ECAL, École cantonale d'art de Lausanne. Emery’s curatorial practice includes both young creative artists and established artists like the Norwegian artist Knut Henrik Henriksen or Swiss artist Claudia Comte.

Located right in the middle of Friederichshain on Petersburger Straße, zqm was one of the first wave of new project spaces in Berlin. As a continuous avant-garde and independent platform to support the young contemporary art, it makes possible a unique dynamic exchange between artists, curators, and the public.