Today, the fourth edition of the Project Space Festival kicks off with an exhibition in the gallery space of ACUD MACHT NEU. On display: photographs by Joanna Kosowska, WhyAlix (Alex Lucas) and André Wunstorf which take a look back at the past festival in 2016.
With its diverse programme, the Project Space Festival shows the variety of spaces of the free art scene in Berlin. The gallery of ACUD MACHT NEU is the central point of contact throughout the festival - visitors can get information about the festival and the participating project spaces as well as partners. At the same time, the Netzwerk freier Projekträume- und Initiativen will be presented at c / o Kunstpunkt Berlin.
This year's Berlin Art Week again provide insights into the city's vibrant off-space scene: once again, the 20 winners of the Preises für künstlerische Projekträume und –initiativen will be presented - including NON Berlin and SPEKTRUM art science community, who are participating at the Project Space Festival as well.

The participating project spaces of the Project Space Festival 2018 are:
11m2, Apartment Project, Cave3000, CNTRM, East of Elsewhere, Color Vision, FK Collective, Grimmuseum, Grüntaler9, Kabinetas, Kreuzberg Pavillon, LAGGAGE EGAL, meantime projects, mp43, National Museum, New Berlin Spaces, NON Berlin, rosalux, SCHARAUN, SCHAU FESTER, snowy owl, SPECTRUM, Spor Klübü, tête, underground museum, uqbar, x-embassy.

Project Space Festival, 1-31 AUG
Opening of Project Space Festival, Galerie ACUD MACHT NEU, 1 AUG 19 PM
More information about the program can be found on the Project Space Festival’s website.