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Today, the Schinkel Pavillon is opening the group show "Proof of Work" —an exhibition curated by Simon Denny in dialogue with Distributed Gallery, Harm van den Dorpel, Sarah Hamerman and Sam Hart, Kei Kreutler, Aude Launay and Anna-Lisa Scherfose.

The exhibition will feature works that deal with the culture of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain as a possible new infrastructure for money, computing and organization. On view are crypto-experiments as well as paintings and drawings, in which cryptocurrencies find a reverberation, even if these works were created before the invention of Bitcoin.

Exhibited artists: CryptoKitties, Aria Dean, Distributed Gallery, Harm van den Dorpel, FOAM (Ryan John King, Ekaterina Zavyalova, Nick Axel and Kristoffer Josefsson), Sarah Hamerman and Sam Hart, Decentralized Autonomous Art Association (Nick Koppenhagen and Wesley Simon) , Kei Kreutler, left gallery (Harm van den Dorpel and Paloma Rodríguez Carrington), Wayne Lloyd, Mark Lombardi, Jonas Lund, Rob Myers, Hayal Pozanti, Billy Rennekamp, ​​Jason Rohrer, Miljohn Ruperto and Ulrik Heltoft, 0xΩ (Avery Singer and Matt Liston), terra0 (Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling and Max Hampshire) in collaboration with Georgia Hansford, Louis Center and Gregor Finger

Opening 7 SEP, 6 pm, Schinkel Pavillon, Oberwallstrasse 1, 10117 Berlin