[Translate to English:] Jochen Dehn „Climate Control and the Summer of Love“, 2015 Photo: Jochen Dehn



Many participating private collections are already opening their exhibitions at the weekend. From 26—30 September, they will be on view with special opening hours exclusively for Berlin Art Week:

On Thursday the exhibition "CANDICE BREITZ: SEX WORK in dialogue with works by William N. Copley from the Collection Frieder Burda" is on view in the Museum Frieder Burda | Salon Berlin. The exhibition takes up the #MeToo debate and spans a discursive arc from William N. Copley, a forerunner of Pop Art, to South African video artist Candice Breitz. Both positions address different perspectives on discrimination against sex work. For Berlin Art Week, the symposium "We Are Not Your Demoiselles" will take place on Wednesday with Candice Breitz, Melissa Gira Grant, Änne Söll, Nosipho Vidima, more information here.

The Kunstsaele Berlin open their exhibition "Abenteuer Freundschaft" on Friday evening. It dedicates itself, according to the title, to an adventurous context: the daring, probably ethical, perhaps aesthetic experience of friendship. There are more than 20 works of diverse periods and media assembled—from print series to installations, from the 1960s to the present day.

Two exhibitions are opening in Salon Dahlmann on Friday: "I'm a crack, I want to tear through walls. Works from the Peters-Messer and Miettinen Collection" focuses on the relationship between art and space and presents works from the Peters- Messer and Miettinen collections in a group exhibition. The exhibition "High Rider" shows works by Finnish artist Aurora Reinhard, in which she reflects current topics such as gender and sexuality.

„CANDICE BREITZ: SEX WORK in dialogue with works by William N. Copley from the Collection Frieder Burda”, Museum Frieder Burda  | Salon Berlin, 21 SEP 2018—5 JAN 2019

Eröffnung “Abenteuer Freundschaft“, Kunstsaele Berlin, 21 SEP, 6pm

Eröffnung “Ich bin ein Riss, ich will durch Wände gehen Sammlung Peters-Messer und Miettinen Collection“ und „Aurora Reinhard High Rider“, Salon Dahlmann, 21 SEP, 6—9pm