[Translate to English:] Foto: Kinderhook & Caracas: Bisagra - Fashion Week



Some of the 20 winners of the Project Space Art Awards are already opening their exhibitions for Berlin Art Week this weekend, here are three project spaces with their programmes:

The project space Display will be showing the exhibition "Getting Away With It" on Friday. The solo exhibition by Istanbul-based artist Berkay Tuncay shows his latest research project on the "Relaxation Videos" transformed by the process of poetry—these are visual poems installed in the room.

On Saturday, Kinderhook & Caracas opens with their "Bisagra Fashion Week". Bisagra is a platform that creates links to the visual arts in Lima. At Fashion Show, there was first a workshop in Lima in which artists have jointly designed and tailored patterns for a series of faux fur coats. They were sent to Berlin and interpreted and finished by artists here. The exhibition is a fashion show, the resulting fur coats will be presented.

MAVRA will also be opening the exhibition "Processor" with works by Jutta Zimmermann on Saturday. The project space, which was founded in 2015, is run by Berlin-based artists Nuri Koerfer, Julian Stahlbom and Mark Soo.

Opening “Getting Away With It“, Display, 21 SEP, 6pm

Opening “Bisagra Fashion Week”, Kinderhook & Caracas, 22 SEP, 6—9pm

Opening „Jutta Zimmermann. Processor“, MAVRA, 7pm