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Aurora Reinhard "High Rider (kulta)", 2009, courtesy Miettinen Collection

Exhibition, Private collection
Salon Dahlmann

Exhibtion 22 SEP—23 DEC 2018

Special opening hours Berlin Art Week:
26 SEP, 6—9pm, 27—30 SEP, noon—6pm

Aurora Reinhard. High Rider

Aurora Reinhard, a resident of Helsinki, proceeds from the idea that the way we think about men and women in our society, and about gender and sexuality, are constructions and discourses that have developed throughout history. In her photographic works, sculptures and videos, she questions in particular the external image and self-image of women in the media and in the world of consumption. However, in her work she also examines the tension between the sexes as a part of our cultural and intellectual history, which goes back much farther than the current debates. This approach, which is rightfully designated a feminist one, manifests itself again and again in disconcertingly beautiful works that challenge the senses and the understanding of the onlooker in equal measure. They range from in some cases disturbing and provoking photographic works to sculptures and videos in which the boundaries, tensions, but also the transitions between the sexes are looked at in a differentiated way, critically and at the same time with great compassion.

For her exhibition, the artist developed several works allowing herself to be inspired in the process by pictures from the abundance of images that exist in the collective visual memory of the Occident. Some reach far back to ancient times, such as the double motif of mother and child. But the figure of Saint Sebastian, suffering the terrible fate of being shot with arrows, is also there. In this case, however, the Christian martyr changes sex to become a tied-up Andromeda riddled with arrows.