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HD video still, Dorine van Meel, 2018

Exhibition, Project space

19 JUL—30 SEP 2018
Thu—Sat 2—7pm

Beyond the Nation State I Want to Dream Dorine van Meel

Oh yes, I will practice my canon proudly, a golden image of stark blue skies, of dams and dykes and waterworks, masters and guilds, and how they transformed into dedicated directors, offshore engineers, shiny-looking cars on lease claim our streets, with logos of well-designed brands stuck to their windows – an empty baby seat in the back.

Decad is pleased to present a new video installation by the Berlin-based Dutch artist Dorine van Meel. Taking as a point of departure the national canon with which the artist was raised, van Meel’s 2018 work examines the binaries and mechanisms of exclusion through which a ‘we’ is constituted. Consisting entirely of slowly decomposing and recomposing computer-generated images, the video juxtaposes apparently innocuous representations of national identity with sites on which the intersection of nationhood, colonialism and imperial conquest have been made manifest. These sites range from Fort Elmina, the first European settlement in West Africa, to the room in which the 1884 Berlin Conference took place. Such imagery is accompanied by a dream-like monologue in which a narrator attempts in vain to escape from a present in which the historical violence of the nation state is perpetuate in the most mundane aspects of everyday life. Music and sounds for the video are produced and performed by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Olle Holmberg, with a voice-over by Therese Ladegaard Henningsen.

Dorine van Meel (born 1984, NL) is an artist and writer, living and working in Berlin. She holds an interest in socially engaged art, feminist methodologies and self-organized forms of collaboration. Her work has been shown at South London Gallery and Kunstraum, London; W139, Amsterdam; Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam; and Transmediale, Berlin. She has initiated various collective projects including The Southern Summer School at BAK in Utrecht together with Nelmarie du Preez, Does Not Equal at W139 in Amsterdam and, together with Rianna Jade Parker, Gentle Dust at Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam, Jupiter Woods in London and the Berlin Biennale 10.