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[Translate to English:] David OReilly, “Eye of the Dream” © David OReilly

Opening , Urban Interventions
Berliner Festspiele/Immersion

Opening 26 SEP, 4pm
Mariannenplatz, Berlin

Opening David OReilly: Eye of the Dream

As gateways to the infinity of the starry skies, planetariums have been architectures of longing, visualisation devices and maximum cinema for the last 99 years. Equipped with digital audio and video technology, they constitute a kind of hardware that provides visual artists, musicians and game developers with as yet unexplored tools for breaking through the horizon. For the audience, they hold experiences of collective immersion into unfamiliar worlds and new perspectives. From now until 2020, the series “The New Infinity” will initiate and produce artistic works for fulldome-systems and present them in a mobile dome placed throughout the Berlin city-scape in several sequences of events. The series will be launched on Mariannenplatz by David OReilly – who is developing his philosophic video game “Everything” into a multiplayer version – and continued with works by Holly Herndon & Matthew Dryhurst, Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma and others.