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Brooke DiDonato: "Closure", 2016, Fotografie ©Brooke DiDonato

KINDL — Centre for Contemporary Art

Opening 29 SEP, 5pm

Opening Routinised Absurdity

The thematic exhibition "Routinised Absurdity" presents photographs by ten international contemporary photographers who deal in different ways with everyday processes and their surprising refraction. It raises questions about the state of a performance-oriented society, in which efficient action is paramount. The downsides of the permanent functioning of each individual are also examined—fatigue, overwork, and collapse.Curated by CUCO – curatorial concepts berlin e.V. (Hanna Dölle, Katherina Perlongo, and Annika Turkowski).

Artists: Louis de Belle, Juno Calypso, Brooke DiDonato, Christoph Grill, Aleksey Kondratyev, Elisa Larvego, Sandra Lazzarini, Pierrick Sorin, Sebastian Stumpf, Ben Zank