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[Translate to English:] Zhu Xiaowen, Oriental Silk, Dokumentarfilm, 29:32 min, 2015 © Artist / Zhu Xiaowen, Oriental Silk, Documentary film, 29:32 min, 2015 © Artist

Project space , Opening
NON Berlin

Opening at c/o Kunstpunkt
27 SEP, 7pm

Opening Survive — NON BERLIN

Four female artists follow the hidden history of migrants and aspects of colonialism. By unfolding individual experiences through dialogue and the archeology of places, they explore the subsequent inscriptions that define the psychology of a social and political sphere. 

In her multimedia installation "Yangjiri", artist Chan Sook Choi moves between the past and present of the village of Yangjiri, a model village located in the transit zone between North and South Korea. She focusses on the migrant women living there. In doing so, she reconstructs scenes of the place and its history, whereby the place and the model become blurred and the paradox of its existence emerges. 

Xiaowen Zhus video work “Oriental Silk” unfolds the world view of the owner of the first silk import company in Los Angeles. Sensitive and graceful, the film watches Kenneth Wong during his daily routine at the store, telling his family story. The store is both a museum and a place of worship for the history of traditional craftsmanship and its cultural values. 

Sylbee Kims single-channel video installation “Misread Gods” is observing how modern cities are introduced upon the manipulation of history and myth, god in this project is a metaphor for what people pursue in our post-capitalist cities. The video installation perceives gentrification as new colonialism, in terms of trespassing a territory.

NON DA # 17 features Sumi Jang, who follows hidden body inscriptions in her performance “Dead Body Being”.

Artists: Xiaowen Zhu, Chan Sook Choi, Sylbee Kim, Sumi Jang