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Discussion and Talk
Project Space Art Award

SURVIVE!—What and who is in charged here?
28 SEP, 5—7 Uhr
Bar Barbette

Panel discussion Project Space Art Award

The parameters for artistic project spaces and initiatives have changed radically in Berlin, and their situation has become much more precarious. Real estate and capital markets are exerting pressure. This is very different from the 1990s, where the organizers of project spaces found almost utopian conditions to work in self-determined, self-organized structures. Today, the actors are struggling to defend their spaces and for their survival. As an important factor in Berlin’s art world, artistic project spaces and initiatives fulfill a cultural mission of their own, complementing museums, galleries, and non-institutional exhibition spaces. As self-determined spaces, they have the necessary freedom to react quickly and without restraint to social and political developments. Their independence creates distance to the commercial pressures of galleries. But this also confronts them with a dilemma: how to survive and retain their ability to act?

In addition, the aspect of the increasing “hipness” and the importance of special events points to a change in the city’s atmosphere. The pragmatic and market utilization both in models of urban planning and within an institutional framework returns the discussion about the future of project spaces back to the very beginning: what and who is in control?

Podium participants: Christian Hiller (arch +, An Atlas of Commoning: Orte des Gemeinschaffens); Carola Rümper (mp43 – projektraum für das periphere, Künstlerin); Florian Schmidt (Bezirksstadtrat für Bauen, Planen und Facility Management); Daniela Schmidtke (NON Berlin, Kuratorin); Dr. Ingrid Wagner (Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa)

Moderation: Dr. Séverine Marguin
Conception/Coordination: Jole Wilcke/Ag Preisverleihung