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© Boris Joens
© Boris Joens

Performance, Project space
ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik

17 SEP,  3pm 


CriticalMassMobil - AbBA and ZK / U invite you to a caravan along threatened places of cultural production

With this action of the Allianz (bedrohter) Berliner Atelierhäuser (A(b)BA) in cooperation with the ZK/U, artists and solidaric participants draw attention to the lack of space in cultural infrastructure in Berlin. Against the background of ongoing events of our cities, the convoy consists of rebuilt popular tourist infrastructure: beerbikes become the "discourse wheel" on which urban political discussions are conducted, with local radio transmission and captured infoscreens. The action is the start of a workshop format on alternative funding and funding models for self-governed and publicly oriented studio buildings and cultural sites in discussion with relevant actors from politics, administration, foundations, associations and initiatives.

Website: www.zku-berlin.org/de/event/criticalmassmobil-1/