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copyright : Den Han

Exhibition, Opening
Soma Art Gallery

15—30 SEP 2017
Opening 14 SEP, 7pm
SOMA Art Gallery

The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle

‘The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle’ explores the phenomenon landscape of Nature and City. What are the forces behind the visual appearance of individual landscapes of Nature vs. City. What exactly is landscape and how the aspect of intentionality purposefully designed as artworks? The visualized cultural landscapes of Nature and City will contrast which social or/and natural circumstances have shaped them and exploitation of territories for the necessities of human existence. ‘The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle’ will present time-sensitive, time-based, site-specific artworks with various mediums. The exhibition will contrast the artistic practices between the Swiss artists raised and/or born in strongly nature-infused to the artists of Berlin with their main focus as its cityscape.  

Artists: Anja Ibsch (Berlin), Alex & John Gaillla (Genf/CH – Berlin/DE), Den Han (Basel/CH), Felix J. Hermann Stumpf (Berlin /DE), Jörn J. Burmester (Berlin / DE), Katherine Oggier Chanda (Wallis / CH)