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Credit: Claudia Leisinger
Credit: Claudia Leisinger

Exhibition, Opening, Project space, Performance
Espace Surplus

13—17 SEP 2017
Opening 13 SEP, 6—9 pm 

Circular Madness - A Square Circle

'Folie Circulaire' is the title of a film by artist Charlotte McGowan-Griffin, the first manifestation of her years of research into the floor installations of Marie Lieb, who has been incarcerated as a psychiatric patient in 1894. If the film set up the enquiries of the project, the exhibition ‘A Square Circle' now focuses on Marie Lieb’s formal language and considers what might be encoded by her signs and symbols. An accompanying performance by Anne Tismer - starring Marie Lieb in the film - co-developed with McGowan-Griffin, will investigate this language through movement – Marie Lieb was herself a very playful and performative person - but also include readings from the medical files to give a glimpse of the system in which she was embedded – institutional psychiatry.


13 SEP, 8pm

16 SEP, 7pm