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Exhibition, Opening, Project space
Institut für Alles Mögliche

13 — 17 SEP 2017
daily openings 7—9pm

Institut für Alles Mögliche & Freunde (WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER NOW)

The Institut invites all berlin project spaces to join in and to collectively shape the exhibition. The show is uncurated and its appearance will be unpredictable due to the continuous increase in the amount of participants and the resultant filling and over-filling of the gallery space. Daily from 2-6 pm the arrangement of works and the overall presentation of the exhibition can be collectively challenged and changed. The ongoing process and the rearranging of the exhibition is only limited by its time span and site specifity. The daily opening at 7 pm will inform about the current state of the exhibition. 


PSP - TALK #4 / Polly Pocket Museum of Modern Art

14 SEP, 7pm