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Exhibition, Opening, Project space

15 SEP—28 OKT 2017
Opening14 SEP, 7pm

„In short: Almost like a fairy tale“ Narratives in families and the construction of history

Family narratives and the construction of history

Snapshots –   that capture the moment

Documents –   that retain and create memories

Images –   that represent memories and give them significance

The objects of this exhibit are the families of each of the three participating artists. Their families are represenative of countries which are historically intertwined: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Israel

By the examination of memory itself, of family narratives, documents and artefacts of family history, the artists weave a multifaceted net that explores personal recollections in context of factual and public history. 

The exhibit is composed of documentary work side by side with the artists’ creative interpretations.

Curators: Sigrun Drapatz und Tanja Lenuweit

Artists: Andrij Bojarov, Erhard Drapatz, Rosemarie Drapatz, Sigrun Drapatz, Lev Pomiansky, Maria Pomiansky, Michail Pomiansky