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Peter Harris
Peter Harris
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Neu, Berlin.Ê

Screening, Private collection
Kino Arsenal

film festival
Kino Arsenal,Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin
Free admission

13 SEP, 10am—10pm
Opening: 12 SEP 7—9 PM

la > x los angeles artists in berlin

50 years ago, Berlin and Los Angeles became sister cities, and to mark this year’s anniversary film curator Marc Glöde and collector Axel Haubrok will be holding a film festival that focuses on artist films from Los Angeles. In doing so, the initiators are picking up the success of the film festival from last year, when “artist films at kino international” were shown to mark the opening of Berlin Art Week in 2016. The main programme of the festival will be shown on Wed., 13 September 2017 at Kino Arsenal at Postdamer Platz. This festival will be dedicated solely to artist films from and about Los Angeles. Parallel to this, an exhibition will be held with works by Stephen Prina and Christopher Williams, two artists from Los Angeles who engage with the medium of film in terms of structure. 

Despite all their differences, Berlin and Los Angeles can both look back at a long film tradition. Both cities share a lively experimental film scene. While in Los Angeles aspects such as light, landscape, Hollywood, and performance play an important role, in Berlin questions of the political, of urban development, migration, and institutional critique are central. Against this backdrop, a comparative look from Berlin at film and video art in Los Angeles is instructive on several levels. The organizers this year once again will offer free admission to all film screenings. This seeks to provide a broad audience access to art films that are otherwise only shown at galleries or fair booths—and now on the big screen, with a technically excellent presentation and often for the first time in their genuine format. la > x thus offers an opportunity to see outstanding and rare film works and to participate in the framework of the festival in a vital partnership between the two cities. 

Artists: Edgar Arceneaux, John Baldessari, James Benning, Morgan Fisher, Alex Hubbard, Rodney McMillian, Sarah Morris, Ryan Trecartin, Jennifer West 


Reception and introduction by curator Marc Glöde 

Rodney McMillian 
Untitled (America) (2002), 2:45 min 
Preacher Man (2015), 6:08 min 
Untitled (Sheet Performance) (2005), 3:41 min 
A Song for Nat (2012), 6 min 
Untitled (The Great Society) “I” (2006), 16:14 min 
A Migration Tale (2014-2015), 10 min 
Courtesy Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects 

James Benning 

Farocki (2004), 77 min 
Courtesy Neugerriemschneider 

Ryan Trecartin 
A Family finds Entertainment (2004), 40:09 min 
Junior War (2013), 24:25 min 
Courtesy Regen Projects and Sprüth Magers 

Alex Hubbard 
Hit Wave (2012), 4:25 min 
Courtesy Galerie Neu 
Julie Becker: Federal Building (2002), 28:45 min 
Courtesy of the Estate and Greene Naftali, N.Y. 
New Wave Theatre with Paper Ivers vol.1 (1982),  
28 min 

Jennifer West 
Rainbow Party on 70mm Film (2008), 0:38 min  
A 70mm Film Wearing Thick Heavy Black Liquid 
Eyeliner That Gets Smeary (2008), 0:30 min  
Salt Crystals Spiral Jetty Dead Sea Five Year Film 
(2013), 0:54 min 
Spiral of Time Documentary Film (2013), 9:01 min 
Pink Beach Red Desert Dream Sand Film (2017), 
3:21 min Film Title Poem (2016), 35 min Special Shortversion 

Edgar Arceneaux 

Until, Until, Until…, (2015), 30 min 
Courtesy Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects 

Statements and Projections
Sister Cities Berlin – Los Angeles

Talk with
Esther Keller (Senatskanzlei Berlin)
Philomene Magers (Sprüth Magers)
Kirsten Niehuus (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg)
Annette Rupp (Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House)
Axel Haubrok (haubrok collection) 
moderated by Tobias Timm (Die Zeit) 
discussion held in german 

John Baldessari 

Baldessari sings Lewitt (1972), 12:38 min 
Courtesy Sprüth Magers 

Morgan Fisher 
() (2003), 21 min 
Picture and Sound Rushes (1973), 11 min 
() (2003), 21 min 
Courtesy Galerie Buchholz 

Statements and Projections 
What is political? 

Artist Talk 

Sarah Morris 

Los Angeles (2004), 26:12 min 
Courtesy Capitain Petzel 

Stephen Prina 


Followed by 
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