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Foto: Reinout Hiel
Foto: Reinout Hiel
Foto: Reinout Hiel


15 SEP, 8 pm
16 SEP, 4.30 pm

Miet Warlop, Mystery Magnet

In the performance "Mystery Magnet" Miet Warlop puts a round of surreal figures on stage to finish themselves off. Her palette not only contains the whole colour spectrum, but also wafts of fog, foam sausages, mini trucks, walking trousers, human balls of wool and a chorus of hair driers. This all adds up to a series of absurd images made of colours, forms and figures, held together by an absurd humour and an obsessive urge to destroy, otherwise only known from cartoons. People, objects and theatrical effects enter into unforeseen relationships. Nothing works like it should, but everything exercises a magical appeal over everything else.