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Foto: Margherita Pevere
© 'Gut Feelings', performance, 2016, Alanna Lynch, Foto: Matthias Reichelt
© Theresa Schubert

Opening, Performance, Project space
Art Laboratory Berlin

Presentation 15—17 SEP 2017
Opening 14 SEP, 7pm 

Nonhuman Agents

Nonhuman Agents in Arts & Culture takes into account recent philosophical approaches which question anthropocentrism. Working outward from theory to an artistic practice that combines a knowledge and interaction with science and humanities, the series involves workshops and lectures as well as an exhibition, Nonhuman Networks (to open on 30 September) as well as an inter-disciplinary conference (24-26 November). 

During the Berlin Art Week the results of workshops and lectures by international artists, living in Berlin will be presented. In their work they invite the public to think about the non-human by means of selected artistic, performative and scientific methods. Mushrooms, mosses, lichens and bacterial processes, as well as Berlin wetlands, play a central role.

Artists: Alanna Lynch, Margherita Pevere, Theresa Schubert, plan b (Daniel Belasco Rogers & Sophia New), Sarah Hermanutz