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© Christin Bolte

Performance, Opening, Project space

15—17 SEP 2017
Opening 14 SEP, 7pm

One stone drops into two ponds - They were on the verge of a kind of change

Opening: Thursday 7 pm
Hours: Friday to Sunday from 1 pm to 11 pm, continuous performances 
Information, dates: onestonedrops.tumblr.com
Closing: Sunday 6 pm with The Hum

Space-directed entities run against each other, superimposing one over another, yet vary inescapably. Sculptural elements, images, sound and body form syndicates in unstable constellations. Texts and textiles circulating. Swooshing. A glance drifts by, and then slips away. Levels shift. I feel you, they say in their mind, and yet they mean the floor. Light falls uncertainly on this terrain. 
The studio is under suspicion of isolating the self from an outside - as well as being a place of common cause. In a fragile community, artists explore the Acud studio as an open field of an Unfinished. In ever-changing situations, the formats of installation, performance and lecture interfere with one another and they question their own contours. Corporeal phenomena disrupt boundary lines, test potentials of the transient and unravel the actuality of perceptual limits. Their unconditional cohesion is confidence in the certainty of instability. Together for themselves it is about nothing less than reality or - the impossibility of this. Not one but many.

With Amanda Elena Conrad, Beate Kaulitz, Romina Sylvia Achatz, Ramona Cidej, Anna Gien, Cristina Nyffeler, The Hum

Amanda Elena Conrad is a visual artists. The city scape and its inhabitants are often the sujet of her work. In her current research she has gathered traces and occurrences of instability. She is merging subtle and intimate portraits with the physical remnants of actions. Her work manifests itself as constellations of sculptural elements, video - and sound.

Beate Kaulitz is dancer, builder and spiritual rationalist. The body as the place of hyper-relationality, transformation and battlefield of action is conducting her interest in the extension of human identity through the engagement with other, non-human bodies. She is a member of the research- and performance collective Under Construction based in Salzburg and initiator of Blue Fields of Red. 

Romina Sylvia Achatz is an author and performer. Her main interest is The Politics of the body. She recently returned from Tokyo, where she researched on The thought of the Outside in the dance of Ko Murobushi. On site she will give lectures and discuss the concept of The Outside with the audience.

Ramona Cidej thinks in the areas of political philosophy, language philosophy and aesthetics, and is the author of lyrical texts. She is currently working on speech act theories, materialization processes, and resistance of bodies. In the studio, she will deal with the ‚Un'-saturated and the intervals of the ’In/Between’. How to feed the space, how will the space be fed?

The author Anna Gien and the stage designer Cristina Nyffeler accompanied the development process. Christin Bolte is responsible for the conceptual framework. Special thanks to Mieke Bohl of Acud-Studio.