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14 SEP, from 7pm

Performance Voyage 7: Protest Songs

Performance Voyage 7, the international touring collection of video performances by Galleria MUU (Helsinki, Finland). The theme of this edition is Protest songs. Protest songs are typically associated with movements calling for social change, and this ethos comes across strongly in the selection of works in Performance Voyage 7. The video performances reflect current political and social phenomena widely, and defend personal, environmental, political, and philosophical spaces through art. The collection was curated by Heidi Kilpeläinen (artist), Jaakko Nousiainen (Head of Arts & Culture, Finnish Institute in London) and Timo Soppela (Director, MUU).


Performance Voyage 7 
01 Kuesti Fraun (Germany): tolerance
02 Niko Skorpio (Finland): I Want My Revolution
03 Julia Schicker (Switzerland): Pushing Glencore
04 Francois Knoetze (South Africa): Cape Mongo – Cell
05 Arja Renell (Finland): Surumarssi I (Acts of Sorrow I)
06 Paweł Korbus (Poland): Few Simple Words in a Foreign Language
07 Kim Dotty Hachmann & Steffi Simmen (Germany): Jump Jump
08 Elizabeth Wurst (Peru / Germany): Live at the scene!
09 Iwona Ogrodzka (Poland): About my youth
10 Timo Kokko (Finland): The Man
11 Elena Mazzi (Italy): The financial singing
12 Arja Renell (Finland): Surumarssi II (Acts of Sorrow II)
13 Elin Magnusson (Sweden): Man-hate (manshat)
14 Heidi Kilpeläinen (Finland / UK): Implicated
15 Jukka Silokunnas (Finland): 400ml of red
16 Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko (Finland): Rongoa Remedies
17 Ignacio Pérez Pérez / Venezuela (Finland): Ode to Migrants
18 Arja Renell (Finland): Surumarssi III (Acts of Sorrow III)
19 Kikka Rytkönen (Finland): Not your profit
20 Vik Laschenov (Russia): One floor above sing until someone swims with dolphins