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Danièle Huillet und Jean-Marie Straub, Filmstill Machorka-Muff, 1962, © BELVA Film

Screening, Discussion and Talk
Akademie der Künste

15—17 SEP 2017
Fri 15 SEP, from 6pm
Sat, Sun 16, 17 SEP, from 2pm


Rencontre — Lectures & film programme to the Exhibition „Tell it to the Stones“

In their almost 50 years of collaboration, Danièle Huillet (1936–2006) and Jean-Marie Staub (b. 1933) created one of the most influential and yet controversial oeuvres of the modern cinema, always engaging with pre-existing material, often in conflict with it: texts by Höderlin, Kafka, Brecht, Pavese, or Malraux, the music of Bach and Schoenberg, or Cézanne’s paintings. An oeuvre that has sometimes been misunderstood as hermetic today proves to be open, playful, and radically contemporary. The exhibition is dedicated to Straub/Huillet’s way of working and establishes links to current artistic positions. Two conferences will explore the work from the present, a retrospective will begin in October. The curators are Annett Busch and Tobias Hering. The project is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Rencontre I
The luxury you gain, when you’ve got nothing to lose

15 SEP, 6pm, in German, Studio (Saal)
Rencontre I - Sicilia!
Sicilia! (Huillet/Straub, 1998, 66 Min., original version with subtitles, 6,-/red.4,-€ )
Introduction Peter Kammerer DE

15 SEP, 8pm, in English, Studio (Saal)
Rencontre I - Der Tod des Empedokles oder Wenn dann der Erde Grün von neuem Euch erglänzt (Rome Version) [The Death of Empedocles or When the Green of the Earth Will Glisten for You Anew], D: Huillet/Straub, (1986, 132 Min., „Rome Version“, original version, 6,-/red.4,-€ )
Guest: Renato Berta, EN

16 SEP, 2pm, in German, Foyer
Rencontre I - Looking Inward – from Behind: Zur Kunst des Dialogs bei Pavese und Vittorini (Free admission)
Lecture: Manfred Bauschulte, DE

16 SEP, 3.30pm, in German, Foyer
Rencontre I - Resistance, Work, Peasants(Free admission)
A talk about Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet and Heiner Müller
with Peter Kammerer and Patrick Primavesi, DE

16 SEP, 5pm, in English, Foyer
Rencontre I - Filming Landscapes(Free admission)
Talk by Rinaldo Censi and a conversation with Armin Linke, Renato Berta EN

16 SEP, 7pm, in German, Studio (Saal)
Rencontre I - Toute révolution est un coup de dés // Zu früh / zu spät
Toute révolution est un coup de dés (D: Huillet/Straub, 1977, 10 Min., original version with Englisch subtitles, 6,-/red.4,-€ )
Trop tôt, trop tard (D: Huillet/Straub, 1980/81, 100 Min., English version, 6,-/red.4,-€)
Introduction: Manfred Blank, Lecture: "That has more to do with coincidence", DE

17 SEP, 2pm, in English, Foyer
Rencontre I - Off Screen: About Danièle Huillet’s multifaceted contribution to filmmaking (Free admission)
Talk by Luisa Greenfield and Giulio Bursi EN

17 SEP, 4pm, in English, Foyer
Rencontre I - Excavations – until We Hear History(Free admission)
In conversation: Ala Younis, Louis Henderson, Oraib Toukan, EN

17 SEP, 5pm, in English, Foyer
Rencontre I - From the Resistance to the Clouds(Free admission)
On Panning to the Sky
Talk by Nida Ghouse, EN

17 SEP, 6pm, in English, Foyer
Rencontre I - Franco Fortini: Voice, Reading, Text, Position (Free admission)
Talk by Paolo Caffoni, EN

17 SEP, 7.30pm, Studio (Saal)
Rencontre I - Fortini/Cani (Huillet/Straub, 1976, 83 Min., original version with English subtitles, 6,-/red.4,-€ )

17 SEP, 9pm, Studio (Saal)
Rencontre I - Dalla nube alla resistenza (Huillet/Straub, 1978, 105 Min., original version with English subtitles, 6,-/red.4,-€ )