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Credit: Paco Vallejo

Exhibition, Opening
WerkStadt Kulturverein Berlin e.V.

15 SEP—8 OKT 2017
Opening 14 SEP, 7pm

Síntesis Planetaria Crafting A Worldview

The ingenious form and unique character of the artworks by Paco Vallejo are based on the emphasis of craft in their creation: knots, weaving, bundles and twists. With cross-references to Analytical Cubism, the realization of a form is always bound to its simultaneously division. It is already split into several perspectives within every single view.

The power and debility of a shape is realized on the side of the viewer as well as in the structure of the artwork. Overall these this play of perspective, surface, and space make that the implied ball becomes a globe, and then a world, and thereby representation, construction, and concept coincide with one another. In interaction with Vallejo’s art one could think of these moments as interdependent parts of a single process: an attempt to see the world which always implies active engagement.

Artist: Paco Vallejo

Curators: Jule Böttner, Jason Benedict