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Nicoline van Harskamp, PDGN, 2016, Videostandbild

Performance, Project space, Discussion and Talk
Archive Kabinett e.V.

Additional event to the filmscreening

17 SEP, from 4pm

Some Name Some Noun Simply. Performance Nicoline van Harskamp

First public installment of the live piece  "Some Name Some Noun Simply”  by Nicoline van Harskamp

"PDGN" forms the starting point for her performative piece "Some Name Some Noun Simply", which will be staged on September 17th for a live audience at Archive Kabinett for the first time. In short public sessions with the artist, visitors can familiarize themselves with the structure of the language in "Some Name Some Noun Simply" that will then be performed in her new play. 

4pm performance
4.30pm language class
5.30pm performance
6pm introduction to the language
7pm performance