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PDGN, 2016, Video still by Nicoline van Harskamp
Tom PDGN, 2016, Installationsansicht von Tom Janssen für BAK Utrecht
Nicoline van Harskamp, PDGN, 2016, Videostandbild

Discussion and Talk, Screening, Project space
Archive Kabinett e.V.

14 SEP, 7pm

Some Name Some Noun Simply

“Some Name Some Noun Simply”  is a performative work in progress by Nicoline van Harskamp. It departs from her 2016 short film “ PDGN”, in which she presents a future where a link language is spoken that is built up from the ‘ruins’ of global English. She created this language by applying distorting factors to existing non-standard forms of English. These 'distorters’  include characteristics of English currently spoken between non-native speakers globally; rules of link languages created in fiction; and traits of Creole languages from the past and present. 

In a short new play, van Harskamp will stage this possible future link language for a live audience for the first time. Its three protagonists arrive from different parts of the world at a place where they believe to be able to change their name, and then debate their various motivations for doing this. Names are simultaneously markers of identity and tools of surveillance, and a currency in data-mining industries. They cross boundaries of language and culture in ways that most other words can't, and are a factor in language change and prediction. 

In short public sessions with the artist, visitors can familiarize themselves with the structure of the language of "Some Name Some Noun Simply", in order to follow the 20 minute, unsubtitled live piece. The program of the performance day allows to do this prior to or after watching the live performance, or both. Visitors may learn to construct their own words and phrases in it and thus contribute to its development. 

This project has been devoloped as a collaboration between: 
Archive Kabinett and Scriptings/Achim Lengerer
www.archivekabinett.org; www.scriptings.net

Some Name Some Noun Simply forms part of LET THERE BE NORM. LET THERE BE_ is a non-profit project dedicated to examining a yearly topic with international artists and thinkers. The theme of 2016 /2017 is NORM. The project was initiated by Cora Hansen, Berlin, Stefanie Hessler, Stockholm/ Vienna, and Helene Romakin, Berlin/Graz. www.let-there-be.org