Citywide Openings

From today until Sunday, Berlin will be focused (almost) exclusively on contemporary art. The partners of Berlin Art Week hold openings including the artists’ film festival la > x, the large-scale Harun Farocki retrospective, or the individual shows on Willem de Rooij, Thomas Feuerstein, or Daria Martin. Starting at 10 am, and ending whenever the night owls decide: see the programme calendar for details.


Art Fairs, Performances, Festival

Around 200 galleries from around the world have eagerly awaited this day: they present themselves at the new art fair art berlin and POSITIONS, featuring up and coming and established contemporary art, and show collectors, art experts, and those interested what the market has to offer. Hamburger Bahnhof invites everyone to a big happening and with some luck there will be tickets available for the performances of Miet Warlop and Boris Charmatz.



Project Spaces, Openings, Gallery Night

On Friday, the Project Space Art Award will be awarded for the sixth time, a special honour for the 20 spaces and initiatives that calls fore a celebration. The participating Berlin galleries of art berlin and POSITIONS invite you to gallery openings in their gallery spaces. Those who want to hop from gallery to museum or the other way around have additional options with the exhibition openings of 
Monica Bonvicini, Wilson Díaz and Danny Lyon.


Saturday / Sunday

Private Collections, Guided Tours and More 

To mark Berlin Art Week, 14 private collections are opening their spaces, revealing their personal focus. Another highlight is the opening of the solo show by Geoffrey Farmer, and Niche Berlin and the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces provide tours of various neighbourhoods. On the following pages, you can find information on all exhibitions and events.