Plan your visit

Berlin Art Week 2020 will be one of the first large-scale cultural events to take place live in Berlin since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany. We are pleased to be able to offer a whole spectrum of exhibitions, openings, award ceremonies, and tours even in times where strict rules on hygiene and maintaining distance are required. Together with our partners, we have found various solutions to be able to offer the experience of contemporary art and special locations to as many guests as possible. From booking tools, digital offerings, and open-air events—here you can find practical tips for planning your Berlin Art Week.



Visits to exhibitions this year sometimes require prior registration, as the number of visitors will be limited. The larger exhibition spaces and museums, private collections as well as art fairs will be offering time slot tickets to avoid line formation and to make your visit easier to plan. During Berlin Art Week, we urgently suggest booking time slots; at some institutions a time slot booking is a requirement. Before your visit, consult the websites of Berlin Art Week or the respective institution about relevant terms and conditions. Please understand that entry delays can still result at some venues.




This year, prior registration is required to attend exhibition openings. The reservations page of Berlin Art Week will be available as of 1 SEP 2020, and our partners’ websites can also be used to reserve a time slot. Many institutions have extended their openings to allow as many visitors as possible an opportunity to attend.




Participation at events such as guided tours, performances, and talks will be limited and registration usually will be required as the number of visitors is limited depending on the venue. The websites of Berlin Art Week and our partners will provide information in a timely fashion. Please check online for the current regulations prior to your visit.




Many of Berlin Art Week’s partners have moved their formats outside. HAU Hebbel am Ufer will be showing performances outdoors, part of the project ›Down to Earth‹ at Gropius Bau will take place in front of the building, and Schinkel Pavillon will be hosting an open-air concert. Hans Haacke’s artistic interventions ›We (all) are the people‹ will be accessible all over the city at any time and the Local Tours will also take place outside.




Many of Berlin Art Week’s partners have developed new digital formats and are offering additional online programme this year. The ›Playlist‹ brings together talks, live streams, performances, podcasts, and radio programmes. In the ›Journal‹ you will find interviews, features, news, and many more exciting articles about Berlin Art Week.