bi’bak (Turkish: have a look) is a project space based in Berlin, with a focus on transnational narratives and their aesthetic dimensions. The curated film programme, bi'bakino, as well as the audio programme bi'bakaudio aims to show transnational, postcolonial and (post-)migrant perspectives. Experts invited from the fields of art, film and academics will enable a more differentiated, non-eurocentric view of society and cultural history. bi'baxchange offers a platform for cultural actors and projects, initiating cross—border collaborations. bi'bak's research-based exhibitions focus on widely neglected narratives and perspectives that are crucial for a comprehensive understanding of socio-political contexts worldwide. From September 2020 on, bi'bak will start a cinema-experiment at Haus der Statistik at Berlin-Alexanderplatz which examines cinema as a space for social discourse, as a place for exchange and solidarity.

Prinzenallee 59
13359 Berlin

Sínema Transtopia
c/o Haus der Statistik—Haus B
Otto-Braun-Str. 70—72
10178 Berlin


9—13 SEP 2020

9 SEP, 8pm
10 SEP, 8pm
11 SEP, 8pm

U Pankstraße, Tram M13, Bus M27

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