The Brücke-Museum is a collection-based research institution dedicated to the works of the expressionist group of artists called ›Brücke‹. It is the only museum worldwide with this focus. The museum features changing thematic exhibitions with differing views of the collection that incorporate previously neglected narratives. As such, contemporary artistic positions are also featured. The foundation of the Brücke-Museum dates back to the initiative of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. The museum building, which was designed by the Berlin architect Werner Düttmann, is situated on the edge of the Grunewald Forest and opened in 1967. The harmonious interaction between nature, the collection, and the museum‘s architecture creates a very special atmosphere conducive to the experience of art.

Bussardsteig 9
14195 Berlin

Wed—Mon 11am—5pm
Opening Weekend Berlin Art Week 
12 SEP, 11am—7pm
13 SEP, 11am—6pm

 6€, reduced  4€

Bus X10, Bus 115 

Parking is available in front of Brücke-Museum. The entrance to the musuem is on ground level and the exhibition space can be accessed either via a few steps or the ramp. The building is heritage-listed, so the toilets are not equipped for wheelchairs, but there are accessible toilets available for use in the neighbouring building, Kunsthaus Dahlem.

Entrance to the Brücke-Museum © Brücke-Museum