In French, ›regard‹ means ›gaze‹ or ›attention‹. Collection Regard thus reveals in its very name the goal it is trying to achieve: the collection directs our gaze toward photographic works and photographers who deserve attention and would like to enable discoveries or rediscoveries for the interested public. In Collection Regard, the extensive oeuvre of Hein Gorny (1904—1967) holds a special position, for Marc Barbey manages the Gorny estate, a responsibility that besides archiving and preservation consists in making Hein Gorny’s largely unknown work accessible to the public and to help ensure that Hein Gorny is perceived as the outstanding artist that he is. Since 2011, Collection Regard has organized a series of curated solo exhibitions of previously unknown work by the photographers Hein Gorny, Hans-Martin Sewcz, Manfred Paul, Ulrich Wüst, Peter Thomann, Siebrand Rehberg, Rainer König, Thomas Sandberg, Christian Schulz, Barbara Wolff, Margret Hoppe, Amin El Dib, Patrick Tourneboeuf, and Anno Wilms, including publications to accompany the exhibitions and extensive publicity. In addition, regular salons on photography (Salon Photographique) have taken the form of book presentations, film evenings, or artist conversations to offer a framework for photographers, institutions, curators, and all photography aficionados to enter into conversation with one another. Limited editions and sales of special works to institutions and private collectors also belong to the range of tasks undertaken by the collection. In addition, the collection seeks to publicize the exhibitions produced at Collection Regard for institutions around the world to increase the renown of the artists shown and to expand the photographic discourse.

In its work, Collection Regard consciously positions itself between the roles of gallery and museum. Collection Regard is located in Berlin—Mitte and, in contrast to the classical white cube, exudes a rather domestic atmosphere. The collection, which also understands itself as a salon, would like to enable private access to the photographs and offer an opportunity to exchange ideas with the collector and other like-minded individuals.

Steinstraße 12
10119 Berlin

Special opening hours Berlin Art Week
10—12 SEP 3—6.30pm

Free admission

S Hackescher Markt, U Weinmeisterstrasse, U Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz



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