The exhibition and event spaces used by Kunstasphalt e. V.—Verein zur interkulturellen Kommunikation durch Kunst e. V. are Galerie Maifoto in Berlin’s Kreuzberg and the outdoor urban area itself. The project space of Kunstasphalt is characterized by our attempt to create access to art reception by way of projects of creating and presenting art. We direct our attention primarily at an audience that is not yet part of the ‘art world’ or until now has only rarely, if ever, participated in art projects. The previous ten years of our association’s work has shown that many people come into contact with art and projects for the first time at our exhibitions and that after this initial conflict become more profoundly creative in new ways.

An emphasis of our artistic activities is to cooperate with social and political initiatives and to make our aesthetic contributions to their achievement. We want to use the potential of art to make perspectives and voices visible and audible that are not represented in the majority society. Towards that end, we focus on interventions in public space.

We would like to make a contribution to visualizing a multi-perspectival, diverse ›society of the many‹ that is able to summon the strength and energy to stand up against the current right-wing shift in society. We seek to initiate additional installations in continuation of ›Oranienplatz WAS BLEIBT‹ in the public space of various (border) cities (Beirut, Belfast, Yerevan, Seoul) and want in this context to assist in the creation of barrier-free public space in cooperation with IN-Gesellschaft.

Dresdener Str. 18
10999 Berlin


Special opening hours Berlin Art Week 
10—13 SEP 2—10 pm

U Kottbusser Tor 

Oranienplatz ›Was bleibt‹. © Ute Langkafel