Hochstraße 46
13357 Berlin


Humboldthain Club
Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin

13 SEP, 7pm—open end
Award ceremony 13 SEP 2019, 7.30—9pm
Party/Performances from 9pm—open end

Event for the award ceremony of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe for the >Award for Artistic Project Spaces and Initiatives 2019< organized by the Network of Free Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives

© Humboldthain Club© Humboldthain Club

Project Space Art Award 2019

Berliner Netzwerk freier Projekträume und -initiativen is a loosely organized association that has existed since August 2009. The goal of the network is to establish a long-term structure to allow for new forms of collaboration and exchange, to have a political voice in order to call for the improvement of working conditions.

Humboldthain Club, located in what was once part of the nearby S-Bahn station Humboldthain,  features large dance floors inside and an outdoor area with a lot of sand and camp fires that invites all night partying. The Wedding location is directly accessible from the S-Bahn station.