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S-Bahn S5, S7, S75, Savignyplatz

Photo: Lars Beusker, Courtesy of SØR Rusche Collection

SØR Rusche Sammlung

Established in the 19th century and expanded over generations, the SØR Rusche Collection promotes the dialogue between contemporary artists and the old masters. Today the collection includes over 3500 works with an emphasis on 17th-century Dutch and Flemish painting and 21st-century art. In contrast to the Netherlandish old masters, the contemporary collection is not restricted to any specific region. Thomas Rusche, the owner of a clothing manufacturing and retail business, started collecting prints and drawings as a boy and later turned his attention to old masters and sculptures, eventually focusing his activities on cabinet painting. In 2004, he started collecting contemporary art in all media. At Berlin’s SØR headquarters, a selection of the extensive SØR Rusche Sammlung is on view. In order to finance the SØR company, the art collection will be auctioned by Ham and Sotheby’s.