The Watch consists of a group of artists and cultural producers that inhabits the former GDR watchtower on Schlesischer Busch (Berlin-Treptow) in the formats of residencies, semi-public events, screenings and talks. The former watchtower has a long tradition of cultural and artistic production ever since Reunification, yet, in recent years, the building has become a place for reflection rather than mere production: artists, writers, choreographers, and other thinkers have been invited to spend time within and around the tower to consider the building’s texture, its history, its future, as well as its present position within Berlin’s cultural and political landscape. For every two-year cycle, The Watch works with one thematic topic. For 2020/21 we are interested in initiating ongoing dialogues with the invited artists about notions and practices of caretaking, upkeep and sustainability.

Puschkinallee 55
12435 Berlin

Special opening hours Berlin Art Week
9—13 SEP 2—6pm

free admission

S Treptower Park, U Schlesisches Tor, Bus 165, Bus 265

Restricted accessibility / ground floor is barrier-free, 2 floors are only accessible via a steep staircase

The Watch, outside view. Photo: Jo Zahn