© Özlem Altın, Shape, 2019, installation view, nGbK © Alice Creischer/Andreas Siekmann, Bonjour tote Arbeit, 2019, installation view, nGbK, Foto: Nihad Nino Pusija©Özlem Altın, Shape, 2019, installation view, nGbK


50 Years of nGbK

Happy 50th Birthday! The neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK) is celebrating its jubilee with the exhibition ›Arbeitsgruppe Kunst. 50 Jahre neue Gesellschaft‹ (50 Years of ›New Society‹) and is looking back at its history and founding years. Four central topics—›Solidarity‹, ›Research‹, ›Work‹ and ›Desire‹—are structuring the exhibition and are providing visitors with insights into the institution’s working methods and past projects. Additionally the artists Özlem Altın, Alice Creischer/Andreas Siekmann as well as Aykan Safoğlu and Nihad Nino Pušija have created new works examining the society’s past. Creischer’s and Siekmann’s work ›Bonjour tote Arbeit‹ deals with current political topics relating to economical processes and urban developments, themes that have proven to be important to the nGbK for many years. In contrast, Safoğlu’s and Altın’s approaches focus on archival photographic material, which they incorporated into their artworks.

Such a diverse retrospective view fits with the art society’s grass-roots structure. Since its founding in 1969, members of the society have actively shaped the profile of nGbK through exhibitions, events, publications and research projects. Central themes of its programme have been questions about gender, post-colonialism and urbanism.

A project with a long-standing tradition is ›Art in the Underground‹, which is a continuation of the competition ›Kunst statt Werbung‹ (Art Instead of Advertisement) and which is exploring contemporary art in public spaces, specifically in regard to subway stations. As partner of Berlin Art Week nGbK will launch the latest edition of the project on the 14/15 SEP with the title ›Art in the Underground 2019. Up in Arms‹. Subject of this year’s project is a critical examination of the global armaments industry. Despite its global perspective the project also reveals important local connections. After all, the Deutsche Bundestag in Berlin decides on regulations of the German arms trade and many armaments companies such as Thyssenkrupp have branches they use for lobbying in Berlin. Works on the subject of Beatrice Schuett, Alexis Dworsky in cooperation with Cajus Heinzmann, Miro Kaygalak, and Stephanie Hanna will be shown in the stations of the U6 Stadtmitte, Platz der Luftbrücke, and Paradestraße.

›Arbeitsgruppe Kunst. 50 Jahre neue Gesellschaft‹ (50 Years of ›New Society‹)
22 JUN—04 AUG 2019

›Art in the Underground 2019. Up in Arms‹
14 SEP—end of 2019
U-Stadtmitte, U-Platz der Luftbrücke, U-Paradestraße

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